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We are a Bloom School

As part of our focus on promoting resilience and wellbeing in our students, last week we were delighted to welcome Bloom Associates Pat McGibbon and Adrian Devlin, for the initial staff training session on the Bloom Programme, which will be delivered to students in Years 11 - 14 this academic year.

Over an 8-week period, Bloom Associate Trainers will then work alongside our teachers to support and train us in the course content and the implementation of the teaching resources. These will hopefully help our students to develop a suite of tools they can deploy to help themselves face the challenges life offers.

As well as fantastic training, it was a real treat for the Manchester United fans amongst us who recognised Pat as a member of the ‘Class of ‘92’ and a former Northern Ireland player.

A few lucky Year 8 students on their Induction Day and Year 14 Prefect, Aoife Burns, also had an opportunity to meet Pat and hear stories about the old Red Devils!!


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