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Form Tutors

The priority of the Form Teacher is to get to know the young people in his/her care. Form Teachers are given time during the school week to meet individually with their students, to discuss academic progress and welfare concerns. Each student will have a one-to-one meeting with their Form Teacher each year, usually in the first term. With a detailed knowledge of the needs, emotional development, academic progress and attainment of each student, the Form Teacher is at the heart of our pastoral care system and he/she liaises closely with Year Heads, subject teachers and parents, to ensure the well-being and success of each young person.

Students in Year 8 also enjoy the support of Year 14 Prefect Mentors, who get to know them by playing an active role in all induction and team-building activities at the beginning of the school year and by participating in the weekly Personal Development classes that run throughout the academic year.

Form classes meet for fifteen minutes each morning, before lessons begin. This is a valuable opportunity, not just for registration, but for students to chat to each other and to their Form Teacher, to pray together and to discuss events and activities in which they may be involved. One morning a week, each of the three schools – junior school, senior school and upper school - come together for shared prayer, to celebrate and give thanks for success and achievements and to celebrate religious feast days.

The staff of St. Patrick’s is committed to building an effective partnership between home and school and we encourage parents to contact the Form Teacher to discuss any concerns which they may have.

Form Tutors 2022/23


Mrs McArdle

YEAR 8 FORM TEACHERS - Ms A McMullan (Year Head)

8D - Mr S Phillips

8K - Mrs S Jones

8L - Ms D Burns

8Q - Mr J Devlin 

YEAR 9 FORM TEACHERS - Mr V Toner (Year Head)

9D - Mr P Wildsmith

9K - Mr M Rooney

9L - Mrs J Elliot

9Q - Ms A O'Hare

9R - Mrs C Mullan / Mr V toner

YEAR 10 FORM TEACHERS - Ms C Diamond (Year Head)

10D - Mr C McGloin

10K - Mrs C McConville

10L - Mrs C McEvoy

10Q - Mrs F Curran 


YEAR 11 FORM TEACHERS  - Mr S Gibson (Year Head)

11D - Mrs G Barr

11K - Mr Tumelty

11L - Mr John McEvoy

11Q - Mrs P Canavan

YEAR 12 FORM TEACHERS - Mr D Brennan (Year Head)

12D - Ms R Trainor

12K - Mr M Burns

12L - Mr P McNamara

12Q - Mr P Fitzsimons


YEAR 13 FORM TEACHERS - Mrs L Longley (Year Head)

13D - Ms M Magill

13K - Mrs C McDermott 

13L - Mrs P Dresen-Martin

13Q - Mrs J Sheridan / Mrs J Paterson

13R - Mrs G McCaul

13S - Mrs J Copeland 

YEAR 14 FORM TEACHERS - Mrs C Kennedy (Year Head)

14D - Ms L Connolly

14K - Mrs D Quinn

14L - Ms C Coleman /Mrs A Martin

14Q - Mr R Gallagher

14R - Mrs E Neill

14S - Mrs C Mitchell / Mrs J Paterson

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