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Summary Calendar 2023-24

Please consult carefully to avoid holidays/breaks during term time.


Summary Calendar 2023 - 2024

Please consult carefully to avoid holidays/breaks during term time. 


Term 1 – 2023 


Tuesday 29th August                                                   Year 12 Induction 

Wednesday 30th August                                              Year 14 Induction                                

Thursday 31st August                                                 Year 13 Induction 

Friday 1st September                                                   Year 8 Induction

Monday 4 September                                                  All students return for term one 

Wednesday 4th October                                              Student Holiday 

Friday 27th October – Friday 3rd November               Mid-term break  

Monday 27th November                                              Student Holiday 

Thursday 21st December                                             Last day of term one


Term 2 – 2024 


Monday 8th January                                                    Term two begins for all students 

Monday 12th – Friday 16th February                           Mid-term break 

Friday 15th and Monday 18th March                          Student holiday   

Wednesday 27th March                                               Last day of term two



Term 3 – 2024 


Monday 8th April                                                        Term three begins for all students 

Friday 26th April                                                         Student Holiday

Monday 6th May                                                         May Day holiday 

Monday 27th May                                                       Student Holiday 

Friday 28th June                                                          Last day of term three

Click here for a printable version of the calendar. 

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