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We strongly encourage our students to broaden their experiences, develop new and enhance existing skills and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world.


Through our Post 16 Enrichment Programme which we dedicate 3 timetabled periods to weekly, we aim to:

  • promote the fullest possible development of the academic, cultural, physical, moral, spiritual and social dimension of each student in a fun and enjoyable manner;

  • develop integrity and self-respect in each student and foster compassion, tolerance and respect for others;

  • enable students to gain the personal skills and confidence to shape their own futures, and those of others around them, in a rapidly changing world.

Through our extensive programme, our aim is that students will leave St Patrick’s Grammar School as confident, happy and independent young adults, fully prepared for the challenges that life will provide. A programme of non-academic activities and experiences is offered in the Sixth Form and includes courses in:

  • British Sign Language

  • Business Enterprise

  • Careers Workshops

  • Coding and Games Development

  • Debating

  • Drama 

  • First Aid

  • Fitness Suite

  • Food Preparation and Hygiene

  • GAA Coaching Certificate

  • Knockevin Mentoring

  • Leadership Training

  • Mandarin

  • Mentoring – STEM, Literacy and Numeracy

  • Mentoring – Year 8 students

  • Microsoft Office Specialism 

  • Millenium Volunteers

  • Mindfulness

  • Peer Mediation

  • Peer Ministry

  • Physical Education

  • Road Safety Awareness

  • Reading Partnership

  • Relationships and Sexuality Education

  • Songwriting and Recording

  • Stomp

  • Survival Cooking

  • SVP Conference

  • University Roadshows

  • Work Experience

The pupils enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities, which enhance their personal and social development.

ETI, March 2014

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