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Bloom launch!

Yesterday saw the launch of the Bloom programme with Year 12 and Year 14, a resilience and wellbeing programme that the school has embraced as one of the actions of our three-year Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

As parents, we all want the same thing - for our children to be happy. Studies show that the most powerful childhood predictor of adult life satisfaction is the child’s emotional health. Our hope is that we can help to provide our students with the tools to help them to help themselves navigate their way through adolescence and learn how to deal with the challenges life inevitably presents.

The next five one-hour sessions will cover: resilence; exam pressure; friendships (bullying, conflict); social pressures; decisions about the future; managing stress; work-life balance. Hopefully after yesterday's session your son/daughter can explain the link between plasticine, neuroplasticity and resilience! The programme will hopefully be fun as well as educational.

We are very grateful to Pat McGibbon (Bloom Training Associate) who, having trained staff in the delivery of the programme in August, is now working alongside staff in school in its delivery.

Please check out the link below if you'd like some more information on Bloom or do not hesitate Ms McLoughlin at the school if you would like further information.

Bloom - Mental Health UK (


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