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Summer Challenges 2021

It's really important that you keep your body and mind active over the summer holidays. Here are some Literacy and Numeracy challenges for you to complete. You can tell us how you got on during our Induction Meeting. 


We suggest that you read three books during the summer break, as well as completing, one book review, one character study from any of the books read and one profile of an author.  All work can be recorded in this booklet.


There will be a number of follow-up activities on the Summer Reading Challenge during his first week at St. Patrick’s and it is important that you can contribute and feel comfortable when discussing your choice of books. We will display the best reviews around the school and of course, there will be prizes!

Good luck!

Literacy Cartoon.jpg


To bridge the gap between P7 and Year 8, you have been allocated 10 tasks to complete on the MyMaths website. You will find your login details on the letter sent home. 

In September, Mrs Rice (Head of Mathematics) will be awarding certificates (Gold, Silver and Bronze) to students who score the highest.

Good luck!

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