Road Safety Campaign

Before the midterm break, some of our students worked with FixersUK, on a Road Safety Campaign. Fixers is a UK based charity which gives young people a platform to voice concerns on issues affecting them.

Identifying the mobile phone as one of the main distractions when driving, Owen, Conor, Niamh, Meabh, Rose and Lucien decided to put their message to drivers on air fresheners in the shape of a mobile phone. Over two days, they produced two designs related to when they thought a driver would be most likely to use their phones when driving - texting and changing music.

The air fresheners are now in production and will be with us in January Well done to Owen, Conor, Niamh, Meabh, Rose and Lucien and thanks to Mariam and Lee from Fixers.

Have a look at the promotional video.

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