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Lucien Coole - composer extraordinaire!

Year 14 A level Music student, Lucien Coole , has his sights set on a career in film music composition – and is well on his way to realising his ambition.

Lucien, a keen drummer and guitarist, has always had an interest in composition, and he even set up a home studio when he was in Key Stage 3.

Last September, Lucien won a place to take part in an online workshop with Intofilm and Screenworks NI where he had to compose music for a 2 minute documentary clip. Mark Gordon, a film composer based in Northern Ireland, ran the workshop. After receiving feedback from his work, he was then accepted for a 6 week online one-on-one mentorship with Mark on film composition. Mark had set Lucien tasks to compose for an advertisement and a documentary trailer in which he critiqued the work as well as giving him a masterclass in film composing. From that workshop, Screenworks NI commissioned Lucien to compose music for a film and tv podcast.

And then, Lucien was also commissioned to compose music for an Amnesty International/ Shimna Integrated College video about refugees in Northern Ireland.

As well as studying 4 A levels, Lucien is also registered for a CADI (Creative Arts and Design Innovation) sound engineering course. He hopes to continue with Music at Queen’s next year.

Many congratulations Lucien! 👏👏⭐️⭐️


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