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Covid Update

As cases in the local area continue to rise, please see below a handy info graphic provided by the PHA on Saturday for pupils who are identified as a close contact. If we need to contact you to inform you that your child has been identified as part of our Track & Trace procedures by Mrs Savage, as a close contact, we will send a copy of the PHA guidance information to your email account and send you a text message through the School Gateway app.

Please make sure you are logged into the app and contact the school if you are having any difficulties with this.

If you decide to choose the testing route rather than the 10 day isolation, you should arrange a PCR for your child on day 2. Please keep your child out of school until the PCR returns a negative result and email this to when your child returns to school. A further PCR should be obtained on day 8. Anyone who has had COVID in the last 90 days (a positive PCR result) does not need to take a PCR test.

Stay safe!


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