Awards Evening 2018

Awards Evening 2018 is over for another year and over 200 awards are in new homes - awards which represent hard work, commitment and resilience and awards that we took great pleasure and delight in awarding and celebrating. As we celebrate our 85th year, it was a sentimental evening as we recalled when and where the Red High began and the traditions and ethos that cements us as a proud Red High Community. It was a privilege to have Mr John Skeffington with us - John was one of a small number of students to enrol in St. Patrick’s Grammar School when it first opened its doors in Stream Street in 1934. The link with the past continued with the guest speaker, Mr Michael Egan, former Red High student (Class of 1976) and son of another student from 1934, Mr Des Egan (RIP). In a highly entertaining and enjoyable address, Mr Egan recalled the Red High of his father and that of the 1970s and provided the students with invaluable advice, encouraging them to ‘develop a suite of skills and be able to adapt and change’. As always, one of the highlights of the evening was the return of our Year 14 leavers and hearing all about life after the Red High, it was fantastic to see so many rearming to their Alma mater! A special thanks to those of you who changed plans (and flights!) with us. Thank you to our fantastic musicians and music department for the wonderful entertainment throughout the evening and thanks also to everybody involved in making this evening so special. Finally, many congratulations to our award recipients.

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