Drama is a key aspect of the curriculum at St Patrick’s and students have the opportunity to experience it from first year onwards. Drama lessons are fun with a practical focus and pupils are introduced to an increasingly sophisticated range of skills as they progress through the junior school. 

Drama teachers are:

  • Miss O’Toole (HoD)
  • Mrs McArdle
  • Mrs Paterson

St. Patrick’s can boast many superb, whole school productions. Lord of the Flies, Billy Liar and Philadelphia Here I Come!  are a few from the recent past but our biggest and most successful show to date was, of course, The Phantom of the Opera which involved a huge number of staff and students, and attracted an audience of thousands from near and far!



With our state of the art facilities, pupils can have first hand experience of using our superb lighting and sound systems, not only in the Multi-Purpose Hall, but also in The Hamill Suite, our mini-theatre, which is fully equipped with lighting bar, black-out facilities and tiered seating.

Whether you aspire to be the star of the show, or one of the vital cogs behind the scenes, Drama at St Patrick’s has something for you!

Key Stage 3

We have established the tradition of an annual junior school Drama Festival which allows every student in the school to participate in a whole class production, whether as an actor, or by offering design or technical support. We work closely with the English Department, particularly in Year 10, when the pupils are challenged to perform an extract from a Shakespeare play.

These performances have proven to be some of the most memorable experiences for past pupils, and have included a wide spectrum of plays ranging from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to Roald Dahl’s The Witches








60% - Portfolio

40% - Showcase Performance

  • 2010 – 100% A* - C
  • 2010 – 95% A* - B
  • 2011 – 100% A* - C
  • 2012 – 100% A* - C
  • 2013 – 100A*- C


Course includes:

  • Theatre visits to a range of performances
  • Hands-on experience of  technical production – lighting and sound
  • Many performance opportunities
  • Contact with professionals from the Performing Arts industry
  • Opportunities to create set and costume
  • Credit for a range of performance disciplines from acting and designing to singing
  • Crosses over with GCSE English and English Literature – 20% of English GSCE based on Performing Arts skills


Invaluable for:

  • Any career in Performing Arts Industry
  • All media based careers
  • Business, Law and any career which involves an element of public speaking 


AQA Drama

What’s on the course?


Unit 1 -  Exam -  60% of AS, 30% of A Level

Section A - Response to live theatre seen during course

Section B - Study of one set play

Unit 2 -  Performance -  40% of AS, 20% of A Level

Performance by a group of an extract from a published play


Unit 3 - Exam - 30% of A Level

Study of two further set plays

Unit 4 - Performance - 20% of A Level

Performance by a group of a devised drama


What will the course involve?

  • Lots of opportunities for practical experience of acting, directing, technical design (lighting and sound), costume design and set design;
  • Frequent visits to live productions, both professional and amateur;
  • Study of a range of plays from different genres and periods, some of which cross over with texts studied for English Literature;
  • Opportunity to fully utilise our state of the art facilities;
  • Introduction to the work of influential directors, practitioners,designers and theatre companies.


What is A Level Drama and Theatre Studies useful for?

  • Careers in theatre - lighting and sound design, acting, directing, set or costume design, stage management;
  • Careers in television and all areas of media;
  • Any career likely to involve public speaking such as law, business or teaching.


Do I need to have studied Drama at GCSE level?

No. The course does not have GCSE Drama as a prerequisite. You need a B grade in GCSE English or Literature to ensure you will be able to cope with the essay writing required for the exam. Candidates will also be considered subject to an audition and essay writing process.


Is the course only for actors?

No. For the practical performance worth 40%, you can select the area on which you are assessed. Your nominated skill can be acting, directing, costume design, set design or sound and lighting.






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